Potato-Printed Xmas / New-Year Cards

Since there has been a death in my Japanese family-in-law, I am not supposed to send New-Year cards this time. Still, I thought I would send Christmas cards, and made one the other day, using the same — quite fun, I have to say — technique as last year : potato printing. Yes, just like when you were in kindergarten. The basics are similar to normal printing, stamping or seals.

That is pretty easy too :
1) take a potato
2) cut it in half
3) carve it with whatever you see fit (a cutter this time) and be careful to do it in "negative" as well as not to cut yourself right
4) spread paint on whichever surface
5) dip the potato in it
6) potato-print on a card (hand-made Japanese paper is great for that)
7) all done

I wish I could have shown you what the carved potato halves looked like, but it seems my wife has thrown them away already. Never mind.

Have fun.

A merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all.

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