Steps - Pop-up Artist's Book

For the 10th edition of the Movable Books Fair / Salon du livre animé (Nov. 23, 2017), we made a cut & folded / pop-up artist's book, Steps (10 copies, entirely hand-crafted, signed and numbered). Can you guess what the story is? Because, yes, there is one indeed!

As a side note, I'll create a clearer site on the near future for all my existing and future artworks.

Edit: It's done and here: NC - PAPER WORKS

Space Paper Mobile

A new paper mobile, on the theme of Space — you know:
starts, planets, moons, Tintin rockets and interstellar cruisers...

Ocean Paper Mobile

A paper mobile done in a few hours, for the bedroom.
The next one will most likely be about space : stars, planets, comets and all.
Gotta find or make the time to. Which is never easy.
Oh well.

Star Wars Paper Mobile

For my nephew's birthday.
I had Star Wars Opening music running while making the video
but YouTube censored it automatically.
Oh well.

Pop-up Cards


A few pop-up cards, after David A. Carter, I had been working on.
I wanted TIME for Christmas but Santa forgot.

Kirie! 10 : more bookmarks

More personal bookmarks & presents.

The last one ? For the birthday of one who just got a cat and named him...
Achab !

Kirie! 9 bcdefg

Where is A?
A's here!

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